I moved to Seattle from Chicago a while back. Lately, I've been playing with a trio in Seattle. We try lots of different stuff musically that revolves around jazz and pop.

I began playing music a long while ago. I started writing songs when I was asked by a friend to play at his wedding. I wrote a song for the occasion and he said I should play it. I wrote another one, and another, next thing you know, I'm hooked.

When I lived in Chicago, I performed in local pubs, hanging in the corner with a beer playing with and for friends and patrons.

When I arrived in Seattle, I volunteered in a local middle school during the day and enjoyed playing at the city's open mics at night. I eventually became a teacher in the Seattle School District. A couple of years ago I went to an open mic at Tula's, a jazz club in downtown Seattle and really enjoyed singing with the trio. I've been pursuing that for a while now and play at Egan's, a jazz club in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

I'm currently working on raising funds to record a CD with Darin Clendendin, a wonderful Seattle-based piano player and producer.

If you'd like to hear some of the tunes we perform, check out the music tab on the site.